Why Violet?

Many years ago a friend of my hubby’s had forgotten my name one night, while we sat in the beer garden drinking and getting silly, he looked at me and said ” You look like a Violet, so that’s what I’ll call you”. So henceforth, that was what he called me whenever he ran into me.  Hey, I like the name Violet, it’s also the colour people seem to associate me with, why? I haven’t a fuck’n clue. I always thought blue was my favorite colour so maybe I’ve been wrong all my life because it sure seems like it.

So this is my first post as Violet, I have another blog but my life right now is a mess and I just don’t feel comfortable with all my followers reading it.  I’m not looking for sympathy and my dark side seems to scare them, plus I try to be very proper and not swear but that’s not really me…I love to fuck’n swear and being anonoymous is fuck’n awesome.  I’m not very good at punctuation and my laptop doesn’t let me type numbers or exclamation marks, but the truth is…I do have a onscreen keyboard but I’m too flippn lazy to move my fingers four inches.

job interview funny
My Inability to lie 

So what this blog is going to be about ( and don’t forget you can join in ): My personal stories, stuff in life that just pisses me off and of course of humour. As of  right now my knee is acting pissy, my one cat whines too much and I’m waiting for a return call for a job I had an interview yesterday for.  The very first question was “Do you smoke?” my answer “You mean after sex right?? lol” ya, I do, but I quit smoking cig’s a week ago. The guy interviewing me lives with his mother, the kind of guy that loves to suck tits, as long as they are wrinkly ..a real flakey little dweeb, he continued to tell (more like lecturing me ) why he doesn’t hire smokers and being smoke free one week wasn’t long enough for him.  But, otherwise the interview went well even if he did ask all the questions an employer is not suppose to ask in an interview. I could  be pissy and take him to labour relations if I really wanted to fuck with him  but this is a small town, I don’t want to give myself a headache for future job interviews  “So why haven’t you worked in eighteen years?” he asked, “Because I am Fuck’n disabled Asshole” is what I wanted to say but I bit my tongue. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I have trouble lying, I’m a shitty lier. So I dug my grave telling him I have had a back injury and had surgery on it . End of subject, I tried to change the subject. Did it work? I don’t know, but he was saying “So you haven’t worked for years, and probably don’t need too?” your just bored? ” Listen you little Fuck.. “I have a mortgage to pay, a roof to pay off, my husband has Cancer and we’re one check away from living in our car!” I said everything except the little Fuck part… but boy did I want to.  Oh, and he only pays minimum wage because it’s the law … Ya, I don’t think so…  If I don’t get this job, I really don’t think I’ll be crying in my Corn Flakes… Oh well, Time to move on… until next time peeps!